About Blue Rose Jewelry

"These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of..."

-George Eliot


Growing up as the daughter of two geologists allowed a natural love and appreciation for crystals to incubate within me at a very young age. Now, I can look back to a time in life where the deep appreciation and love for gems eventually overwhelmed my senses and led to my passion to create.  In 2012, Blue Rose Jewelry was born with a dream of combining natural gemstones and crystals with sustainably sourced precious metals into wearable art.


In 2013, I left my Indiana hometown after packing up my gems and my tools to make my way to the Gold Coast in search of inspiration and a better appreciation for natural beauty. Ever since, I have been surrounded by majestic Redwoods in Sonoma County, CA. The style of my jewelry has been anchored by the boundless beauty and stimulation that immerses me.  Each piece of jewelry I create contains a little piece of my soul. I devote much love, energy and time to ensure these handcrafted treasures will last a lifetime. Each piece is handmade and hand finished in my California studio, rendering each one unique. My work is often a tribute to the different life paths presented to each of us, while other pieces are meant to serve as markers for the milestones along the paths chosen.


As my roots may indicate, I prefer to use natural crystals, raw gems, recycled Argentium Silver, along with my hands and heart to ensure the best quality and care for each piece. My hope is for my pieces speak to those who wear them, as we all go through times where need a little glimmer to remind us how strong we are and how far we have come, no matter the marker point location on the path.


-Katelynn Coad